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Who’s His favourite?

One of the things I love most about my church is the variety of worship leaders that serve us each week. These incredible men and women with amazing musical gifts and spiritual depth direct the congregation to remember the goodness, power and mercy of God. They prompt us to recall God’s incredible love for us with words and songs and they direct us to worship and honour Him. Wow!

However, I have to say each week I am left with a burning dilemma…

Which of them is my favourite? They are all so different in their styles and gifts. Crazy guitarists who range from John Williams to Mark Knopfler, zany pianist who range from Rachmaninov to Elton John and remarkable vocalist who fall somewhere between Barbara Streisand and Adele! Oh my they are so talented!

Each week I stand, arms out stretched and in full voice worshipping my maker and at the end of the morning I am quite convinced, without a single shadow of  hesitation that the particular worship leader who is leading us that morning is my absolute infinitive, no-doubt- about- it, totally in-the-bag favourite!

And then it hit me … that is just how it is with our heavenly father. With the depth of His unmeasurable love He looks at me and at that moment I am His undisputed favourite. His pride and adoration poured out upon me without restraint or restriction. Like a loving parent watching their child at a school recital God could not be more pleased and delighted with me if He tried. His enormous heart beating with love and pleasure towards me. Wow and double wow!

Of course, the thing is that God is omnipresent; able to see all things at every moment. And so at any given moment you are also in His gaze, you are also thrilling His heart; you are also His undisputed favourite. In fact the devotion of God has such capacity that we are all His favourites at any one time, such is the breadth of His astonishing love.

Of course, there is another challenge which may be obvious to those of you who know me well. I have recently started to lead worship myself. To be honest it’s not so difficult to remember my favoured position before God when things are going well. But in those moments when I publicly trip over my own shoe lace (taking a music stand with me!), start a song in the wrong key, or stumble over an important word changing the entire theology of the song (and not for the better!) … well that’s a little more testing. At those times, it’s so easy to forget who I am.

And so as a  favoured child, this is my challenge. To walk in the faith of who I am in the sight of Almighty God every minute of every day. To bask in the truth of His love and acceptance of me regardless to my achievements or mistakes. My favouritism dependant not on me, but on His amazing grace and His great big beating heart.

Wow, now there’s a truth without dispute or dilemma. There’s a truth that brings us to our knees in worship. There’s a truth that reminds us that God is worthy of our adoration and praise… regardless of which amazing worship leader may be leading us that particular week... even my favourite!

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