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The bible is full of amazing surprises that we've never seen before no matter how many times we've read it - or not read it because we think we know it!

I was reading the genealogy of Jesus at the beginning of Matthew - as you do! When Wow! Bam! Something hit me. There are 5 women mentioned - but only 5. Why only 5? And why these 5? I took a closer look.

The first is Tamar. You can find the story of her life in Genesis 38:6 onward. It's an intriguing story by today's standards, but basically she was used and misused by the men in her own family who should have been protecting her. Then there's Rahab (Jos 2:2 onward and 6:22 onward) the foreigner and prostitute, and Ruth, the foreigner who has a whole book dedicated to her. Next,"her who had been the wife of Uriah", otherwise known as Bathsheba . (2 Sam 11:2-5 and onward) ,whom it would look like was force ably taken / raped against her will by king David. And finally, of course, there is Mary the very mother of Jesus, who, we know differently, but the world would have seen as a young girl who got herself pregnant outside of marriage.

Why did this suddenly give me a wow! You may ask?

Because they are the only women mentioned in this highly significant and valued genealogy - to be able to trace your genealogy told you who you were and that you were part of the covenant of Israel. Yet all of these women could be clearly viewed as less than perfect and therefore not who you might expect to be picked out by God for special mention, and yet here they are.

So what is Father God trying to communicate to us here? Surely, that our past and even our present is irrelevant to His ability to create something wonderful into our futures and our legacy. God saw these women as part of His plan - His solution - not part of the problem.

How do you see yourself? What's your story ? How do you see other women? Are we all part of God's amazing plan of redemption?

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