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The 2018 challenge! (2 min. read)

I don’t know about you but I love a good quiz. The chance to explore lots of topics and try to answer lots of intriguing questions … well maybe. Crossword puzzles, University Challenge and pub quizzes are just some of my ‘favourite things’.

When I look back at 2017 I realised that I began the practice of regularly asking myself questions. In particular one specific question. In fact this very personal practice of quizzing myself has become quite an addiction. The specific question that has got my mind spinning, my heart racing, and my imagination exploding has been this:

What would it look like if…?

What would it look if… I woke up each morning and really believed that today God would use me in a significant manner? That I am truly born to live in this moment, influencing and encouraging those I meet, called to bring the love and presence of God into each situation I find myself in?

What would it look like if …I actually looked after myself physically, emotionally and spiritually? To treat my heart and body with attention and affection deserving of one created in the image of Almighty God?

What would it look if … I saw the person stood in front of me through the eyes of God? To see them, and therefore treat them, as innocent, adored and treasured?

What would it look like if … I walked around today believing with all my heart that God is for me that He has my best interest at heart and He has my back? To know He is watching my every move and willing me to be brave and to do well.

What would it look like if … I dared to put aside my insecurities and fears and behave in a manner fitting of a beloved daughter of the King of Kings? To get a hold of my unbridled mind and emotions and place them firmly beneath the blanket of God’s truth, love and acceptance of me?

What would it look like if …?

Maybe for you the questions would be slightly different, after all we all have our own challenges right? But I have found this practice to be so helpful and so exciting that I am going to encourage you to think about doing the same in 2018. Who knows where it will take you? Who knows where it will lead?

So brace yourself … here’s you starter for ten…

What would 2018 look like if ….

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