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Three BIG FAT LIES you should NEVER believe about your friends.

1. They would be horrified if I offered to pray with them.

In my experience this is a total lie. Every person I have ever prayed with has been incredibly grateful and touched that I have taken the time to pray with them. If you choose an event important to them and you pray a short prayer full of warmth and affirmation you’d be surprised at their response. For example,

“God, thank you for Suzie. I love working with her, she is so committed and really works her socks off. Please bless her with a well-earned, fabulous fun-filled holiday. Amen.”

Don’t wait until a crisis. The next time your friend tell you their plans, say let me say a prayer for you and simply pray out loud there and then. No agenda, no complicated conversation or explanation, just a prayer of blessing and favour. Boom! Let me know how it goes.

2. My friends are not interested in being witnessed to.

But they are being witnessed to every second you are with them! You carry something of the very presence of Jesus with you every day, so let it shine! Joy, love, warmth, compassion, peace and hope all represent who He is. Don’t be afraid to tell them why you feel the way you do. Use the same language around them as you would around believers. Be yourself!

“Look at this amazing weather today – God is so good”

Eventually they will get used to your faith being a part of who you are. It will no longer feel strange or alien to speak of ‘spiritual things’ and it will become part of your friendship with them.

3. My friends will never come to faith.

The truth is you have no idea the impact you have on the people around you or the work that God is doing behind the scenes. What would it look like for you to believe that God is beavering away, putting things in place, moving heaven and earth in order that your friends may come to know Him? He adores them and it is His heart that all are saved and no-one should exist in a place without His love and salvation. Why not declare this truth every day.

“God’s desire is that [your friends name] comes to know Him. He has her in His sights!”

I am convinced that if we choose to look very carefully God will reveal to us His plan and we can watch and be a part of all that He is doing. Never give up hope, God is always on the move. Cool ah?

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