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The Truth about your Creation

I have heard a million sermons preached a thousand different ways over the years and many of them have been on the subject of ‘purpose.’ Why were we created? Flip, I’ve even preached a few myself! Some speakers have concluded that our reason for living here on earth is to determine where we will spend eternity. I’m mostly okay with that. Some evangelists have declared that the purpose of every believer is to spend their existence telling others about Jesus so that countless can be saved. I’m not disagreeing with that one! Many a worship leader has reminded their congregation that they are ultimately created to worship God and that it is their primary reason for living. Personally, I love that one.

But if I had to select one single explanation for my creation I would not choose any of the above.

In the fourth century there lived a man called Gregory Nazianzen (cool name ah?) He was an early church father and a man of great wisdom and understanding. He wrote that God is love, a truth that we find continuously expressed in scripture. But he also perceived that it is the nature of love, never to stay static rather to seek out objects to love. Therefore, he concluded God created humanity that we may be the recipients of the love of God; that in our creation the loving nature of God may “be poured out and go forth”.

I think that sometimes I can fall into the trap of believing that my reason for being created is simply to ‘do.’ That my purpose revolves around my contribution to the world: the actions I perform and the influence I bring. But sometimes, like Gregory, I wonder if my reason for being created is actually more about God. Maybe I was created for His pleasure; maybe I really am His prize, the apple of His eye? Is it possible that He created me because as one whose incredible essence and nature is love He could do no other than to create one who could receive His love? That He formed me so that He could pour out His passionate, loving nature and give of the very essence of His being, onto His beloved creation?

If that is the case it’s pretty amazing, ah? What’s more it gathers all those other reasons for existence and places them under an enormous canopy of purpose. If I am that loved by God then surely I want to spend my life in worship, surely I long to tell others of His incredible love, surely there will always be a part of me that will have my heart with Him in eternity.

We are so very favoured. We were created to know His love, express His love and receive His love. He spoke us into being so that He could cherish us and love us forever.

Now that is one amazing sermon to listen to; one amazing purpose for exsisting; one amazing reason to be created; one amazing truth to beleive!

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