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The truth about the greener grass

When the grass is always greener…

Anyone who knows me well would have regularly heard me say ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.’ It has been a Higham catch-phrase for as long as I can remember; a household statement of permission for revolution and change. My friends laugh at my habitual desire to constantly rearrange the furniture around in my lounge, to redecorate a particular room or swap family members across bedrooms. I have held more jobs that I care to remember, simply up and moving on when something more inviting appears on the horizon. Why settle with something you are bored or dissatisfied or unhappy with I would always tell myself – just change it! In fact it is a standard joke in our house that I have surprisingly manged to stay married to the same man for almost thirty years! (Although if you met him you would understand why :-)

The truth is I have never found change particularly difficult. Perhaps it come from the fact that as a child I moved house ever time my parents suffered a feeling they called the called the ‘wonder-lusts’, which was about every two years! New schools, new people, new places, these were all part of my regular experience as a young girl. Or maybe it stems from an unsettling belief that there is always something better over the horizon; that the best is yet to come; that the grass is always greener on the other side. For me the challenge has never been to gather my courage and ‘go’, the challenge has always been to gather my courage and ‘stay’!

However, as I have gotten a little older, and maybe a little wiser, I have discovered a new and more rounded catch phrase on which to build my future and it’s this. The grass is not greener on the other side; the grass is greener where you water it the most.

I am last beginning to learn to the value of investing in something to bring about change rather than abandoning it when it no longer suits me. And this knowledge is a good thing because it has such a biblical foundation. We are commissioned to make an impact on the world around us; to influence it for good; to transform that which is restless or fragmented and create peace and healing. I know there are situations I find myself in that I don’t especially enjoy and I know there are conditions which are not particularly fun or comfortable, but I am learning to see beyond the immediate; to recognise that God has placed me in those circumstances for a reason; that He wants to use me to effect change.

So, now I wake up every day feeling like I am in my own little revolution! It can be hard work, but it’s rewarding too. (It’s also made a million times more fun by the people who are walking this adventure with me- you know who you are. :-)

So what about you? Where is God asking you ‘get stuck in?’ What transformation can you bring to a needy world around you? Where can you get out the hose pipe, spread a little goodness and make the grass a little greener? Where ever it is I’m sure you’ll be amazing … after all this is what you were born for :-)

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