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The Wonder of WestPoint

I recently attended a Christian festival called ‘Together at WestPoint’. I can honestly say I had a ball. It was literally full of wonderful things. Here are a few of my highlights…

The wonder of stunning sunsets and sun-rises along with bucket loads of sunshine and not a drop of rain! A wondrous sight to behold!

Watching wonderful parents with their little ones; guiding them, disciplining them, giggling with them, playing with them and loving them to bits – such a heart-warming privilege to see.

The wonder of Tim Heywood, up every morning at the crack of dawn to make sure we all had boiling water for our early morning cuppa and later a bacon role to fill our bellies at the start of the day. Tim you are wonderful and we salute you!

The wonder of some adults (and I include myself in this one) to be completely carefree and hilarious as they tussle and jostle to grab that piece of utensil in a totally raucous game of spoons! A night to remember me thinks!

The wondrous, continuous sense of God’s presence, morning till night, dawn till dust, rolling on and on into each new day. God you are phenomenal and we love you.

The wonder of chocolate … need I say more.

Those wonderful willing hands to help out where ever it was needed, being it erecting a tent, emptying a bucket full of washing up water or rescuing a child from the top of a Wendy house, not one single person showed the slightest reluctance to serve and help. Both wonderful and humbling.

The wonder of Sam Pink, who not only excellently ran our site-team this year but also did youth notices and managed to deliver a seminar! You are amazing Sam.

The wonder of the Kemp’s tepee tent that had us all gasping with astonishment! Wow!!!

The wonder of friendship which budded and bloomed grew and blossomed amidst the canvas and porta-loos of camping life. We are a crazy, lovable bunch and who would have us any other way.

So, as I lay on my comfy bed at home, with my soft carpet and my brick walls, I am content. I really did enjoy WestPoint this year. Thank you all for making it such a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to making new memories in 2018. With such an incredible God and such a great bunch of mates who knows what wonders we will behold? I can hardly wait! So, see you there!


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