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The Truth about The Little Book of Eve

Freedom is about becoming all God meant me to be. It’s about growing every day into someone who fully reflects God’s amazing nature and character. It’s about learning to be just like Him, discovering how to live my life with unbelievable love, joy, peace, righteousness and creativity!

It’s a journey that myself and many of my friends have been on for a while now. And it’s been an incredible adventure so far! We have taken huge steps in discovering what it means to live our lives as daughters and sons of the King of Kings, adopted heirs who are daily reflecting His stunning nature.

It’s such an important truth and I am desperate that we never lose its importance or power. In fact I want the whole world to know about it! I want to get this message of God’s gift of true freedom out there.

So one day I thought, “I wonder if I could write a book?”

Tentatively, I wrote a few short blogs and asked select friends who would be honest with me if they thought I could write. And to my enormous surprise they replied “Girl, you can write!” and my reply was, “Really?” I was totally shocked because the concept of book writing was completely ‘out there’ and alien to me. I knew I could preach, so I was familiar with how to arrange a message and articulate a point. I knew I could write a technical essay as I have a degree, but a book was a totally different concept. (You’re talking to someone who failed her English ‘O’ level twice and then gave up!)

So, on holiday last year I penned my first line, “Sometimes in life you have to go back to the beginning”. I also told my husband and a few friends close friends that I was attempting to formulate a book. I told people I knew who believed in me, partly because I was desperate for them to pray for me, but also because I knew they would keep asking me how I was doing; they would keep prodding me, “How’s the book going? Keep going girl.” Some days I would wake-up with a specific concept in my head and it would be down on paper by lunch time. Other mornings I would know what I wanted to say, but it would take me till supper time to formulate two or three sentences. I think I probably re-wrote each chapter four times before I felt it reflected what I really thought it should say.

Interestingly, just before Christmas last year I had a period of illness, nothing serious, but enough to make it difficult to write for about six weeks. During that time I went through everything from “I can do this God to, why did I ever think I could do this God, to I can’t do this God, to finally do you really want me to do this God?” And it was only then in the process did I feel God say, “Write the book”. So then not only did I know that my amazing husband and my fabulous friends believed in me, I knew Almighty God believed in me too. And that was a huge game changer and became a massive motivation.

And for me this is the point at which freedom and faith become one. It’s in acknowledging that if God has put something of His passion on our hearts then our response is to recognise that He is right behind us; that He is in the midst of our creative imagination and that He wants to see our passions become reality. So it may be writing a song or book, it may be producing a breath-taking piece of art or setting up a charity to clothe the poor, or whatever it may be. It’s about believing that God is for us and not against us. I’m not saying it isn’t costly or that it won’t require us to be brave and daring, but I am saying that with God behind us there are more possibilities out there than we could ever imagine. God’s desire is that we live our lives to the full, being released to reflect every aspect of His divine nature. He really is a good God, and like any great father, He really does want us to explore what it means to be all we can be; He really does believe in us.

I completed the book eleven months after I started it and have had the joy of having people come to tell me how much it has impacted their lives! I have no idea what God is going to ask me to do next, or what God is asking you to pursue today? I just know that in the limitless world of God’s kingdom freedom is an integrated reality and as such anything is possible.

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